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u.n.p.o.c. being in a film

After a couple of years of doing the live shows, it felt like it was time to get back to the winter writing hut, to have a think about new songs.

But, even in this lull, there were still interesting things happening. Like being in a film. And doing interviews with the Kylie Minogue journalist...

Hallam Foe film, 2007

The tickets and flyer thing for the film launch screening and the festival opening party.

In 2007, Here on my Own was used for the main montage sequence of the film Hallam Foe. The film features lots of other Domino Records artists too. We all went to the special pre-screening in Glasgow. No-one knew how much of each song would be used, so the atmosphere was pretty electric.

The film was selected to open the Edinburgh Film Festival, so I got another viewing in there.

It was entered at the Berlin Film Festival too, where it won the Best Music award. The award statue is a beautiful little silver bear.

There I am, heading into the glamorous opening gala, with actual red carpet.

After the screening, the big film festival launch party.

Empire (UK) magazine.

Kultur Interview, 2005

Niklas Wallhof of Dagens Nyheter had flown over from Sweden to review Kylie Minogue's Glasgow show and asked to do an unpoc interview too, so we met at Monorail and did the chit chat.

I like this interview because it was out of the blue, months after I'd last been in Sweden, and old friends over there got in touch to say it was a nice surprise, so that's good.

People Sverige, 2007

Ingrid Helander emailed asking to do a piece for People Sverige (gratis) magazine. I'm surprised I agreed, because, as the article points out, 2007 was mainly about painting and sudoku for me. She sent me a copy and here it is. Pretty rare, I think.

That photo they've used is from Herrgarn in Linkoping (Sweden), my first headline show. You can see more at photohenrik.com.

Q Magazine, Oct 2011

Nice bit in Q magazine.

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Well, that's about the end of the webpages. I hope it was interesting. Time for me to get back to things now, over here in Edinburgh.

But make sure to say hello if you see me out and about. Maybe I am in today's webcam photo, on the left?

Either way, here I am, below, up on the Col de la Cayolle, saying hello to you, wishing you well.

Cheers for now, Tom.