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About u.n.p.o.c.

Hi, I'm Tom. There I am in 2003.

This is my website for my band, unpoc, and especially for my 2003 record, Fifth Column.

The album was released by Domino Records on CD and vinyl. You can get it on the big streaming sites these days too.

Have a little read about unpoc below, if you like.

unpoc recording gear

I had been writing music for a few years. My band name, unpoc, is short for "unable to navigate, probably on course".

I live in Edinburgh (Scotland) and my musical friends here said my latest songs were sounding good, and that I should do something with them.

unpoc album sleeve

They put me in touch with the people at Domino Records in London, who liked the songs too. So we got things organised and put out a record!

unpoc review in french Magic magazine

The album got some nice press reviews but was especially well-received in Sweden.

We were invited over there to play some shows. There we are, below, in Stockholm. What a great place!

unpoc stockholm gig

hallam foe film dvd packaging

A couple of years later, one of the songs was used in the soundtrack of a film, Hallam Foe. The film won the Best Music award at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival. The song was also used in a trailer for the Golden Horse film festival in Taiwan.

Berlin Film Festival award statue

tom now

I still write music now, but my Fifth Column songs are my most popular ones.

It's nice when I meet people who like the album or were at my concerts, so make sure to say hello if you see me.

Bye for now. /Tom

For more in-depth unpoc reading, see the unpoc pages linked below.

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